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Ione Releases Beautiful New Single ‘Loved By You’

UK artist Ione has released the lead single to her upcoming EP…

‘Loved By You’ is a track centred around a dreamy vocal arrangement. Ione showcases her versatility as a pop singer-songwriter with an edge that takes inspiration from 90s RnB records yet meshes contemporary electronic pop sounds akin to artists such as NAO. But Ione is in a realm of her own, with a unique sound and a particular flair for lyric-writing.

Her last track ‘Tell Me’ was a true story about uncovering the real sides of people little by little, as their disguises drop and you get to know them more.

‘Loved By You’ is a feel-good soulful track about a yearning to be cherished and loved. It’s relatable - because we’ve all been there. Although an advocate of self-love, Ione believes that in this day and age of independence, isolation and self- sufficiency it’s important to never forget that we do need each other and vulnerability doesn’t have to be a weakness.

Ione’s E.P the Tide is Changing which will be released later this year. Self-penned and produced by Tone Jonez with additional production by Gavin Holligan.

Listen to 'Loved By You' on all platforms right here:

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