Irene Sklakaki bares her soul on her ethereal new alt-folk single, ‘Sutherland Avenue’.

Irene Skylakaki has returned with her beautifully minimalistic and abstract style of folk music, this time in the form of the hauntingly ethereal number, ‘Sutherland Avenue’. It’s Irene’s fourth single of the year, coming in behind previously released tracks ‘Dreamy’, ‘Mary Smiles’ and ‘Souvenir’, which have all been steadily raking in the plays on Spotify.

Set to be the first track taken from Irene’s forthcoming album Souvenir, ‘Sutherland Avenue’ gives fans a taste of what’s to come from the Greek artist’s fourth studio album. Experimental in sound and intimate in its delivery, ‘Sutherland Avenue’ infuses spacious production with deeply personal, autobiographical lyricism that’s sure to pull on the heartstrings of all who listen to it.

Here, Irene Skylakaki explains what she hopes fans gain from her track:

“I would prefer it if anyone who listens to ‘Sutherland Avenue’ connects with it through their own experiences. The lyrics to the song are quite self-explanatory and raw and after various tries, I insisted on keeping them as they are, unsophisticated and honest.”

The simplicity of ‘Sutherland Avenue’ is where its beauty lies, the track’s lyrics come off as somewhat cryptic yet they’re strangely specific and the song sounds subjective but equally relatable. ‘Sutherland Avenue’ is a remarkable return for Irene Skylakaki and a wonderful introduction to her album Souvenir which will be released on the 20th of November.

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