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Issy Winstanley shares reflective new single ‘Too Real’

Back with a stripped back pop ballad, Cheltenham’s very own Issy Winstanley takes things to new heights in her personal, delicate track ‘Too Real’. Issy delivers soothing vocals and storytelling lyrics, alongside soft piano melodies and a cinematic string section.

Issy explains, “Too Real was the only song I wrote to come out of lockdown, and at the time felt like a really important song for me to write. I wrote it reflecting on the loss of my Grandpa in 2019 - who was my biggest supporter and number 1 fan - and is about all the little things you didn't realise you'd miss about someone once they'd gone. My hope is that Too Real provides solace for others also going through loss - and not only in relation to grief, but loss of any kind, whether it be relative, relationship or friend."

She further notes, “I am so grateful to have worked with some incredibly talented creatives on this project between production and instrumental arrangements, and believe that the collaboration through this project has enabled Too Real to become everything I hoped it would be and more. I really hope that listeners can feel the raw emotion, vulnerability and hard work that went into making this track, and hope most of all that it can make others feel less alone if they're going through the same thing as I was when I wrote it.”

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