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Jake Schafer shares powerful EP ‘The Space Between’

Jake Schafer impresses on his brand new project ‘The Space Between’. His second solo project sees his soulful croon glazed on top of building soundscapes and commanding percussion, making for a collection of seriously striking tracks. After deciding to chase his dreams and escape his hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana, Jake established himself as an artist and producer working in some of the biggest studios in Nashville. He has since been building his introspective brand and stand-out sound, and surely has an exciting year ahead.

Speaking of the release, Jake said: "Stuck between who you aspire to be, who you've been, and who you currently are. You know who you really are. What your influences are. What your potential is. But do you portray that? Have you made that a reality? That transitional period of who you once were and who you are becoming. That's The Space Between."

Listen to the project below:


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