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James Boston drops album ‘Better Memories’

Displaying his talents as a wordsmith, rapper and producer, James Boston shows exactly why he should be on your radar in new project ‘Better Memories’.

The California based independent artist delivers a whole host of dynamic hip-hop beats and candid lyricism in his newest project. Delivering relatable narratives that come straight from the heart, James speaks on his innermost thoughts and feelings.

Speaking on the new album, James Boston shares: “During the process of my album I did my best to stay focused & locked in when I was creating. Some days I would just produce my beats and on other days I would write the songs to the beats that I produced. I would say the production was the toughest for me because some days I would have beat block, but I used through it and kept going. During my recording process my engineers & I would bond a lot more during this album process. I felt that I grew more with my musical abilities as they grew more with their engineering skills. I was inspired by Drake a lot during this project, listening to his older music to keep coming up with some new ideas for songs. I worked with all of my favorite artists on this album & I'm very proud of that accomplishment because I did it all independent. I believe this album will make a good impact for me & my career going forward.”

Check out the project here!


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