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jaye faces his own demons with new single 'ADHD'

Today, we introduce you to Singapore-based artist and producer, jaye. He began his career in a folk-rock duo, then fronted a Japan-based funk group before he became a DJ for a UK X-Factor finalist.

After his return to Singapore, jaye released his debut single ‘TOMORROW’. It quickly became a top YouTube trend in Southeast Asia, he also built a large following on his social media, capturing his listeners attention through captivating animations and aesthetics.

In his new single 'ADHD', jaye fights his own demons of an exhausting nightlife he now regrets.

jaye on 'ADHD': “I’m familiar with the rush of pursuing success; as a DJ, I’ve hustled for my career while abusing alcohol for literal intoxication. But nightlife exhausted me, fueling pain that tormented me between gigs. So I dubbed the cycle “ADHD”: Attention, Depression, Hit, and Dip. Inspired by Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” I’ve experimented with song and video structure. “ADHD” begins with Attention, marked by pills and fearlessness; then Depression hits, chaining to my pain. I rap on Hit, fighting 8-bit enemies in a side-scrolling hellscape. The initial production returns for Dip, and eventually I do escape - into a void. Will the same person come out the other side? “


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