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Jessie Reid unveils emotive new folk single ‘Wake Up’

Following on from her latest single ‘Dig’ which has accumulated over 200,000 streams to date, Jessie Reid returns with her emotive new release ‘Wake Up’. The song aligns to her signature style of percussive guitar and folk roots, whilst also exploring electronic influences which add another level of dynamism to Jessie’s sound. Complete with stirring lyricism, listeners will be hooked on this new release.

Jessie reveals: “I suppose the song is best summarised by the line ’the harder we try, the closer we get to goodbye’. It attempts to recapture some of the frustrations of unsuccessfully trying to fix a relationship. In a way the lyrics represent what I would have said to myself at that moment in time and telling myself to ‘wake up’ to the reality of the situation. There is a sense of anger in the song in some kind of way and I think this is mirrored in the build up towards the end of the song with the heavier use of electronic instrumentation which is something I don’t usually do!”

Since making her debut in 2018, Jessie Reid has gained support from Spotify editorial playlists, as well as BBC Radio 6, BBC Wales and BBC Introducing in Shropshire. She was shortlisted for the Glastonbury Emerging Talent competition and is set for big things in the future.


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