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Jody Bigfoot shares new feature film and album 'Duszt'

Released at the beginning of May, Jody Bigfoot’s most recent release ‘Duszt’ really does tick all the boxes. Whether you’re into music that escapes boundaries, visually mesmerising content or just out of this world wacky arrangements, this project is certainly for you. Having built up the release since the end of January this year, ‘Duszt’ isn’t just for people that love to get lost in the world of audio, but also for visual learners that can let their eyes for the talking. Taking a step into the unknown let’s look more advanced into ‘Duszt’. From the first track ‘Hataraite’ and its long introduction of a spine-tingling brass arrangement, the almost nine-minute wonder builds into an explosive track that comes across as ambitious and adventurous. Entirely experimental and somewhat sinister in places, the track ends up becoming a hip-hop infused avant-garde number. ‘Ring Ring’... it’s for you! What more could you want from a rebellious number? “Ring ring, destiny is calling’ tells an empowering story of making your own destiny. After all, we are all in charge of our own fate and Jody Bigfoot’s release highly details he knows what he’s after, and will certainly get it. The third track on the album ‘Duszt On A Rock’ is like trap mixed with grime with a dash of electronica added for good measure. Exploring subjects ranging from ego, the irony of colonising mars before saving our own home, and the daily grind of society, the third single feels political in the best way possible. ‘Where Is The Style’ is easily one of the strongest tracks on the release because of it refusing to be completely labelled. Sounding like something you’d hear in a battle scene of your favourite video game, this track could easily get a Sync deal. Sitting at over 8,000 streams on Spotify alone, ‘Migi Ni Hidari Ni’ is certainly getting the recognition it deserves. Performed mainly in Japanese, this multi-genre anthem embodies strong characteristics and is personality-driven. Halfway through the album sits strong contender ‘Hands’ which is certainly a track that’s all hands on deck and not for the faint-hearted. At just over three minutes long, this attitude-filled number speaks about moving away from ego in rap music while coming across as dynamic and passionate. It’s All Good” enters with a hypnotic electronic soundscape best served with a good pair of headphones on while you’re transported into an ethereal world of hope. Easily the album’s radio-worthy number, the enchanting vocals on this one are out of this world. “Temples” is a rhythmical adventure that runs off the tongue easily. While the lyrics flow freely, the track’s mesmerising beat also takes centre stage and steals the show. So far, there’s not been a bad track, which makes the album able to turn heads. “Inefable” lacks in substance with the instrumental side of things. While the lyricism still pays ode to the albums iconic themes, the overall instrumentation isn’t as powerful as other tracks. Nevertheless, it comes across as an album filler and if you’re into minimalistic production, this is right up your street. Getting towards the end of the album, you come across genius tracks such as “Trees” - a 6-minute anthem that uses triggered beats and elevating dance beats to portray its emotive story. ‘Seed in the Wind’ is a playful gem that specialises in off-beat rhythms and even a vibrant guitar melody. Holding onto a cinematic production throughout the whole album, this album certainly has something for everyone. Album closer ‘Stars’ may be another long track, but it has you hooked throughout. Addictive and giving insight into an exceptional career ahead, Jody Bigfoot is an innovative artist ready for stardom.

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Watch Duszt here:


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