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Jody Bigfoot treats us with trailer for debut album ‘Duszt’

Jody Bigfoot is bound to be the name on everyone’s lips this year. With his highly anticipated debut album ‘Duszt’ bursting onto the scene this May, Jody Bigfoot is whetting our appetites with the release of the first instalment of the official ‘Duszt’ trailer TODAY. The undeniably bold, daringly defiant and unwaveringly honest artist is setting out on his solo venture this year, after spearheading the renowned collective Trinity Lo Fi. Whilst a part of this family, Jody has released five albums and five EP’s; yet, this year is gearing up to be his most pivotal, as the accumulation of a lifetime of experience has resulted in ‘Duszt’. Partnering up with the production prodigy Tandaro, each of the twelve tracks on this album is running rich with sonic sophistication and intricate attention to detail. Honestly, it's going to be hard waiting until May.

But, don’t worry! Jody Bigfoot has us covered with the first instalment of the ‘Duszt’ trailer here today. With a feature length film landing at the same time as this exciting new album, with this trailer we will get the first glimpse into the creative universe of Jody. The pair began filming almost the minute they touched down in Japan. They maintained that momentum for the entire two months, sometimes out of the house for 36 hours at a time with no sleep. Duszt was mostly shot in the suburbs of Osaka - and it’s truly stunning. It’s beyond doubt this year will be the catalyst for a captivating career in the arts. So, join the rest of us in jumping at the chance to have a sneak peek into the absolute beauty of Jody Bigfoot’s artistry. Watch the trailer now right here:

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