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Joe Skylark takes singer-songwriter sensibilities to new territories with ‘I Don’t Know Myself’

Joe Skylark’s smooth vocals have just the right amount of edge, and his new track ‘I Don’t Know Myself’ fuses atmospheric vocal harmonies with ambient, driving drum machine rhythms and underground soundscapes, creating a sound reminiscent of night-driving through the city. Coming and going in waves,’I Don’t Know Myself’ is an emotion-fuelled rollercoaster that’ll get you up on your feet in no time.

Discussing the new track, Joe Skylark shares: “This song was born out of a deep yearning to be back on a sweaty dance floor again. I wanted to write something simple in its structure, that builds tension as it goes along while repeating the same refrain. Lyrically, it is inspired by that feverish love you feel with your significant other while you're on a hedonistic night out together.”


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