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Josie Moon announces edgy pop masterpiece 'Más Que Nada'

Bathed in an ethereal arrangement that comes across as jazzy and sweet, there’s also a subtle fragrance of melancholia in the mix. Prominently pop, this contender is perfect for the mainstream charts. Explaining her thoughts on the release, Josie shares, “Más Que Nada started off as a quiet love song to someone I fell for over the internet. We both had a couple of languages in common but they sent me a message that said “te amo más que nada.” I don’t speak much Spanish at all but I suppose that made me romanticise the phrase. Speaking about our situation outside of my native language felt like it added a layer of privacy. It kept it a little secret I could hold to myself.

The song developed into the idea of loving someone beyond geographical, social, personal barriers, in a safe corner of a world of your making. The song is also paired with another song on the album “rain on me” which delves into some of the harsher realities of what happened next.”

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