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juuku and Bafu team up for blissful single ‘Endless’

juuku returns with another stand-out track, taking him to his 20th release of the year. Teaming up with fellow up-and-coming artist Bafu, ‘endless’ is an atmospheric soundscape of energising tones, creating a euphoric vibe that is wonderfully dynamic. Beginning with a steady harmonic intro, followed by a dramatic build up leading into an explosive drop, the pair formulate a truly compelling flurry of sounds in their collaborative single.

Discussing the new track, juuku said: “This song represents the endless feeling of swaying back forth of happiness and anguish when battling depression. I’ve fallen into depression so many times, but i’ll always find myself again and fight my way back into where I want to be mentally.”

Despite never showing his face, the mystery producer has done an excellent job of connecting with his fans across the globe, building quite the following while in quarantine. Unafraid to wear his heart on his sleeve, ‘endless’ highlights feelings of going in and out of happiness and anguish while battling depression, and juuku has been very open about his ongoing struggle with it. His relatable and expressive nature is what makes his music so raw and authentic, and we can’t wait to see what he’ll return with next.


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