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juuku Drops "save u" featuring Ryan Nealon

“save u” finds itself caught in the crossfire of a couple torn apart by codependency. Ryan Nealon’s vocal boldly lays on top of a pensive piano intro, as he attempts to disarm the loaded gun of a lover who would rather shift the blame than own up to the harsh reality that they might actually be the one in need of rescuing. As the captivating vocal delivery escalates from soft spoken to a full-on belt for the songs chorus, juuku ramps up the intensity through cascading arpeggiations and thudding drum hits. To end out the song on a hit note, Orchestral strings come in to help hammer home the record’s suspense, leading back to the sobering realization that loving another person isn’t possible without loving oneself first and foremost. Juuku continues to step it up on his releases and “save u” helps him continue to push the envelope. Out now through Lost In Dreams Records, listen to the collab now!

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