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juuku is back with new single 'Leaving'

juuku returns with yet another sparkling release. ‘Leaving’ has been released via indie imprint Moving Castle, and gives an exciting insight into the producer’s upcoming EP. The mastermind talent continues to deliver heartfelt storytelling in his newest offering, centred around letting go and releasing things not meant for us.

juuku explains: “Musicality wise, this track is my favorite that I’ve made yet. There’s this mulling, dreadful emotion that lingers throughout the entire track. This track paints the picture of the emotions you feel when you need to leave a part of you in the past because it doesn’t belong in the present.”

Known for being adventurous and genre-defying, juuku’s style is truly stand-out and enticing. Trailblazing with a really unique sound, the upcoming EP, ‘Warmth’ is not to be missed.

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