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Juuku - "No Turning Back" (ft. Namelle)

The release of "No Turning Back" marks juuku's signing to Dim Mak Records, a major milestone for the DJ/producer/multimedia artist. With his upcoming EP 'Lavender Dreams and Scarlett Nightmares' set for release this spring, fans can expect to be blown away by juuku's live performances, which he personally curates both the music and visuals for. Juuku also recently joined Steve Aoki on select dates of the HiROQUEST: Genesis Tour and also played the Miami Music Week Dim Mak event. Collaborating with Namelle was a stroke of genius on juuku's part for this new collab "No Turning Back", they blend together very well sonically. The Swedish-born electro-pop singer adds a confident and sassy edge to the track, and her experience in the industry is evident in her impeccable vocal delivery.


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