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juuku releases enchanting single 'fall'

Producer juuku has released another captivating track that ventures into a unique sonic realm. ‘Fall’ features haunting, reverb-soaked vocals and ethereal melodies that build into a swirling electric drop. Infused with dynamic trap style beats, juuku’s sound is a sort of matrimony between lo-fi ambiance and electronic. Carrying a heavy melancholic feeling, this explosive track is accompanied by a mesmerising visual, featuring iridescent and glitching shots of a man submerged underwater.

Speaking of his new single, juuku says: “I wrote this song because during this journey I’ve been afraid so many times to the point that it crippled me mentally and spiritually. But I’ve found strength inside each time I’ve faced what I was afraid of.”

This year, juuku has consistently released two songs each month and an accompanying visual to illustrate the intimate story his music tells. ‘Fall’ joins his other release of September, an eruptive take on the 2015 single ‘we rise’ by San Holo. The track gained much attention, including from San Holo himself. On Spotify, juuku has amassed almost one million streams, as audiences inhale the producer’s magnetic sound and admire his willingness to push boundaries.

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