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Kate Fenner shares the deeply moving new album 'Dead Reckoning'

Canadian Singer Songwriter Kate Fenner's shares the emotive new album "Dead Reckoning". Carrying the existential weight of life, death and shared trauma on it's shoulders, it's the palpable and unprecedented depth of the emotion and raw energy that is Kate Fenner's currency here.

When facing genuine hardship, wisdom may rear it's elusive head and all else seems trivial compared to it's looming presence. Out of struggle and self-reflection, Kate Fenner has created an album beyond simplistic definitions and worthy of study. Kate's uniquely powerful voice is both haunting and fragile throughout.

For anyone dealing with loss, death or the relentless struggle in between, there are ample gems to discover throughout "Dead Reckoning". In the tradition of artists like Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen and Patti Smith, this is indeed serious music dealing with intensely human themes.

Kate Fenner on Dead Reckoning: "When my friend Mike was dying in December of 2019, I came across an Amy Hempel poem about the failure of language when faced with things like death— “

At the end, I wanted to comfort him. But what I said was, Sing to it. The Arab proverb: When danger approaches, sing to it.”

Kate Fenner: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify


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