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Killing Kenny releases emotive new single 'Soul Find a Way'

Killing Kenny is one of the most exciting artists to come out of Scotland. Working alongside legendary producer John McLaughlin to produce a collection of songs which will resonate with listeners from all ages, "Soul Find a Way" is the latest release from Ken Sunter, and it's a true power ballad. Telling the tale of losing a child and the aftermath of that, the track will sadly be relatable for fans across the globe. At a time when families have gone through so much around the world, it is a snapshot of an artist whose music has the power to go beyond genre and generation.

A timeless piece of music that soars with emotion, Ken mentioned, I wanted it in the style of the great 80's power ballads and as a nice contrast to the more up-tempo songs on the album. I always like to write with a story or emotive theme in mind which then influences the mood and style of the song mixed with the story being told through the lyrics”.

While past release 'These Streets' is an up-tempo rock single, 'Soul Find a Way' is an emotional sucker-punch which builds on an almost 80's nostalgic production. While nudging past eras with ease, the track still comes across as refreshing and one of Killing Kenny's strongest tracks to date.


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