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Lani Rose unleashes 'Colors We Made'

Lani Rose has released the music video to his track, 'Colors We Made'. Taken from his debut project Permanent Beta, Lani drops an acoustic ballad that finds Lani looking inward for growth and understanding amongst the immersive instrumentation and elegantly layered guitar melodies.

Lani Rose’s (born Myles Jelani Anderson) ability to manifest R&B with a unique soul twist paves the way for a new generation of sound. Influenced by artists Cashmere Cat, Frank Ocean, Coldplay, James Blake, and Alicia Keys, Lani crafts a sound marked by atmospheric piano keys, melodic guitar riffs, and electronic synths. His interest in music began young in age through experiences in the church choir. When his brother introduced him to electronic music, he began seeking to understand the methods of music creation, which led him to begin producing his own music by the age of 14. Through and through, Lani’s mission is centered on instilling confidence, self-love, and compassion within every listener. His music tells personal tales of growth, healing, and perseverance on this musical journey, sharing a unified goal of confidence, compassion, and care for the common man.

Watch the full video of 'Colors We Made' below:


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