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Larry Mindel's album 'Love in Troubled Times' is a reflective and poignant collection of tales

Nine tracks which perfectly compliment one another, Mindel writes music which will soothe and uplift... Personal highlights for us include 'Take a Rest at My Door' which is a heart-felt message of love to everybody. 'Though times be testing' sings Mindel, people ought to feel unified through their personal struggles. Music itself is a place of shelter where people can meet and be unified. This song stands as a metaphor for that. 'Deep Water' is our favourite song on the album. We love the hypnotising piano in this, and Mindel's voice is really well suited to the rich textures the keys create. The poetic lyrics are born from scenes and experiences in nature, as much of the album is. The landscape is the low land of Suffolk, the red dust of the Australian outback, the remote islands of the Hebrides – and the journeys we take between places. The tales on this album are of lives well-lived and in flux, at ease and on the road, alone and with lovers - always searching, caring and generous. The closing track 'Be Careful How You Go' has a warm woodwind section and jazzy piano as it's guiding melody, upon which lay Mindel's heart-felt words. This one is a highly personal track; parting words to the artist's dying mother. Mindel comments: "Like many people, I lost someone dear to me during 2020. I wrote this song at my mother’s bedside, the day before she died, in Barnet General Hospital. She was the first person to hear it. ‘Be careful how you go’ was her personal catchphrase, so to sing that to her, us both knowing she was about to pass away, was an especially poignant moment for both of us.. I have found that many people, around the world, from different backgrounds, have been moved by this song, and the accompanying video."

Watch the accompanying video here:

Check out Larry Mindel's website: 'Love In Troubled Times' is available on all major platforms as well as on Bandcamp:


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