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Latir Wows With Romantic New Single “Wallflower”

London-based alternative RnB artist Latir collaborates with Leeds-based producer Luvian in a new fun and melancholic alternative RnB single, “Wallflower.”

His synth-led, fun-loving rhythms articulate his desire to fuse together his love for hip hop, old school jazz, indie and electronic music. This single reminisces on loving who we are as this ode was created for all the wallflowers out there.

While it took a year to put all the pieces of the single together, Latir’s vision and love for uplifting melodies and lyrical simplicity is clear. “Wallflower” speaks to the gentle, hidden parts of each person with lyrics that leave behind a sense of reflection.

The music video shows an old-school set up as the band plays along to the smooth beats. He starts off as a timid young man but soon gets comfortable in his skin and the people around him. He takes a moment to share his poetry about being a wallflower and finding “you,” who he depicts as the right person for him.

Latir is well on his way to reaching millions of people with his music, which he aspires to do “in the most nostalgic, melancholic, chill way ever.”


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