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Lauren Dejey shares ironic hymn to astrology's witchcraft 'Like A Curse'

Lauren Dejey shares new single Like A Curse ahead of release of her debut EP “Kali Ma”, out on 27.10.2021.

Like A Curse is not the usual Alt-Pop ballad, it’s an ironic hymn to astrology’s witchcraft dedicated to all the toxic people Lauren encountered in her life. Her latest number highlights Lauren’s self-confidence and sharp lyricism blended with dreamy atmospheres and intriguing bass lines.

Lauren says: “Like a curse’ is all about playing into the Scorpio stereotype from astrology. I love star signs but mine is usually made out to be vengeful, manipulative, ruthless, and jealous. So I thought, you know what why not be a bad bitch who will haunt you forever if you hurt her and probably poison your tea or something?“


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