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LearningToDive Release Stunning Electro Pop Album Which Pays Homage to 80s Pop Icons

Taking its cue from the heady days of 80s New Wave and Art Pop, LearningToDive’s debut album, Norwegian Pop, is to be released on 2nd April and takes the innovation of the past and injects elements of Trip-Hop and Shoegaze to create a truly transcendental experience. To celebrate the launch, they have released a new video to the lead track, I Stand on an Ice Floe, a suitably chilling monolithic track which sets the scene perfectly for an album packed with atmospherics and invention.

A love letter to the dazzlingly inventive 1980’s musical scene, LearningToDive’s debut album, Norwegian Pop, is packed with the very best of the sounds of the 1980s genres of post-punk, synth-pop, New Wave and the New Romantic movement. One of a series of projects from musician, producer, vocalist and composer, Bravo Bonez, it explores personal, political and societal ideas, addressing themes of hope, betrayal, danger and age, whilst retaining a musical edge which crosses the decades to sound as vibrant and vital as ever.

LearningToDive is the new artistic identity of New Zealand-based Bravo Bonez. Stylistically different from his previous musical output, LTD focuses on the more serious aspects of Bravo’s life and his perceptions of the world. The last few years has seen Bravo Bonez seriously question some of the assumptions he has made about his place in the world and his responsibilities as a husband, father and denizen of this fragile blue planet. Each of his new tracks explores a different theme using 1980’s musical templates, emphasising texture, depth and harmony. Bravo has many contemporary influences, but for this album specifically he cites 80’s artists such as Roxy Music, the Psychedelic Furs, Echo & The Bunnymen and Iva Davies (Icehouse). There are some more recent artists that have influenced the album… examples being Boards of Canada, Radiohead and The Impending Adorations.


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