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Lexxicon's hit single 'Bubble Everywhere' is the centrepiece to his latest album Tropicon Islands

Following years of honing his craft and travelling the world, the latest resident of Toronto, alongside the release of his third album, vibrates through the wonders of dancehall/afro-fusion - evident in 'Bubble Everywhere'.

Born in Jamaica, raised across both the UK and the US and now settled in Toronto, Canada, the highly emerging artist has vastly swept fans across the world with the eclectic array of sounds and energetic stage presence. But take away the infectious RnB and modern tendencies of production, Lexxicon brings forward stories of romance, his Jamaican roots and tales that will resonate with a multitude of listeners.

With influences from Sean Paul to Stefflon Don and his own way of producing music affecting his soundscapes, 'Bubble Everywhere' and other pieces of his work show a constant persistence in being the best. As his latest journey follow a romantic couple, the hit single 'Bubble Everywhere' is the perfect celebratory anthem in partying the highest moments in life.

Speaking on the latest story behind the concept of 'Bubble Everywhere', Lexxicon explained:

"After expressing their strong connection, the couple goes to explore the island and have some fun, partying with locals and each other. The song is the carefree party anthem to get you dancing, vibing and having a good time. It’s the perfect track to get any celebration started.”


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