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Lhēon makes her mark with her latest EP ‘Full Disclosure Pt.1

With an already impressive run of singles under her belt these last few months, Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Lhēon now looks to make her biggest impact to date as she shares her brilliant new EP ‘Full Disclosure Pt.1’.

Showcased by its mesmerising lead single ‘strangers’, she swoons and seduces her way through this fresh and exciting new collection. Capturing more of that intense yet subtle neo-soul-inspired direction she is known for, it stands as a brutally honest array of compassionate offerings that hone in on everything from family heartbreak to relationship struggles.

About the EP, Lhēon said, “This body of work has been a long time coming and I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve created. Through a great collaboration with my producer, Lee Bradshaw, I believe this work shows who I am as an artist, and paying homage to the old soul and blending it with the neo-soul that I love!”

While describing ‘stranger’, “’stranger’ is the black sheep of the EP and is something very different, and I love that. I think it’s gonna shock the people that have heard my earlier stuff - but in a good way! It was incredibly rewarding, testing my boundaries both vocally and with my writing in ‘stranger’.”

Both ‘Full Disclosure Pt.1’ and ‘stranger’ are available to stream now.


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