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Lhēon Releases Captivating Video For 'Pretend'

A perfect blend of neo-soul and R&B, ‘Pretend’ is a gutsy and gallant offering from Melbourne based artist Lhēon, which arrives with an equally as alluring music video, produced by Lee Bradshaw.

As the video shows Lhēon and a lover in conflicting moments of tenderness and disconnection, the mood is reflected within her lyrics, as she deciphers a relationship that is becoming overwhelmingly one-sided. Using a 1980s-esque Los Angeles as the backdrop, the romantic hues of the sun-soaked city replicate those feelings of love and loss, as Lhēon tries to figure out how to save herself from heartbreak. The track adopts swirls of flugal horn by Lachlan Davidson, with speckles of percussion and mystical synths, that all cushion Lhēon’s exceptionally rich vocals and create a rhythm that is truly irresistible.

The Swedish born singer-songwriter describes the single as “the exploration of the many delicate shades of fragility in an interpersonal romantic affair”, and her honesty within her words is what makes her so captivating as a performer, as the passion and pain can be heard through each lyric. Her previous offerings, such as ‘lay low’ and ‘equite’ have gained attention worldwide for their similar sincerity, and she is an important voice within the industry, as she makes music for those to relate to.

‘Pretend’ piques the beginning of an exciting year for Lhēon, and with more releases on the way, she looks set to be a massive breakthrough star.


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