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LILITH AI Returns With A Dreamy Indie Bop 'Shanks Pony'

Lilith AI has always been an artist that provides thought provoking lyricism, but now she shines in her latest animated music video and new indie-fuelled effort.

The talented artist has been releasing new music every month as a way to keep the creative juices flowing, but she knows how to pull on those nostalgia strings and make any listener fall in love with her vocals.

As soon as the new track kicks off, it's clear that it's going to special, from the smooth vocals to the addictive beats, this is an artist to keep an eye on.

Even in the new music video, it's Lilith showing her true self with some cute animation styles to go with it. She's been an artist who has been told constantly that she doesn't fit in the music industry, but she's now showing the industry that they were wrong.

Talking about the new track, she says:

“Seems to me no matter how much tech we invent, we are all fundamentally alone.” Lilith explains, “This track is about facing your demons and the weight of everyday adulting. When I was a little kid I asked my Dad for a pony. Ha, the only pony I got was shanks! You know. We all gotta walk in alone.”

You can watch the new visuals below.


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