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Lily Kaplan releases indie-pop gem 'Just Friends'

Armed with a message that hardship and heartbreak can build character and strength, Lily Kaplan is the inspiring artist you need in your life right now. Written after going through heartache, ‘Just Friends’ hears Lily process those emotions and clearly states she uses music as a form of escapism. Heavily influenced by a diverse range of artists from Radiohead, Otis Redding to Eloise and Melanie Faye, Lily’s music is hard to pinpoint to one specific style. Adding to the track’s effect on her, Lily shares, “I feel very at ease when I hear it as I was finally able to let go of this person and finally begin to move on. It was almost like a final goodbye to this person and closure for myself. I was in lust with someone for over a year and a half. It was really really unhealthy and stunted a lot of my growth.

I thought for so long that this person was everything that id ever wanted and that I loved them, but being in love with the right person now has shown me that it really wasn’t even that. I was longing for comfort and security and thought that I could find it in them. It was really back and forth for so long and honestly just torturous. The song literally took ten minutes to write. It was almost waiting to be released.”


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