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Lisa Ramey continues her ascent on new single 'Keep Your Lamps'

Photo: Antonio T. Harris

After establishing herself with her vibrant offerings 'Certainly Lord' and 'Jesus Is My Only Friend' in recent months, fast-rising artist Lisa Ramey is continuing the support for her forthcoming new album with her soaring new single 'Keep Your Lamps'.

While her recent efforts saw her embark on a mixture of gospel-inspired blues aesthetics respectively, 'Keep Your Lamps' sees her hone in on an 80s R&B direction from start to finish. With her rich and beautiful voice riding a hard-hitting piano-led production throughout, she is continuing to explore a multitude of diverse ideas with this vibrant new entry.

Adding about the new release, she said, “R&B is crucial to the music world. It was called “race music” in the 40s. People wanted to hate it and call it “different/ not worth a listen” and now it has taken over the music industry Music: The passion of R&B. The way some artists stretch the word “baby” for bars and bars of music. Where running never gets tired and where I feel most at home. R&B is another one of our major blueprints in popular American music history. I wasn’t gonna release this album without it.”

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