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Listen to Jolé and Marie Gallo's divine duet in 'Still'

When we first heard Jolé's Silver Lake EP earlier in the week, there was one song in there that we just couldn't shake - 'Still'. Led by Jolé's artful songwriting, this blissfully romantic indie-folk single is taken to another level thanks to the soft harmonies of Marie Gallo.

As we come to understand from Jolé's socials, the EP was the product of a writing trip to Los Angeles. As he fondly recalls: With all the amazing moments that came with the trip I also missed my friends and loved ones back home and was reminded how grateful I am to have them in my life."

Perhaps there was the absence of one special person in particular that inspired the yearning words and lullaby-esque arrangements of 'Still'.

Easily our favourite track on the EP, but one shouldn't sleep on the other brilliant guitar-led songs, like lead single 'Alpine Green'.


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