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Listen to Latir's transient 'Carousel' featuring Olivia Nelson and Tokio Myers

Music has this ability to pull out words, visions, memories and the like from "the depths of my mind", as Latir artfully puts it in his new single "Carousel", featuring Olivia Nelson and Tokio Myers. For us, the word was "transient", and so we looked up the definition, which turned out to be "lasting only for a short time; impermanent." Thats damn near perfect if you ask us! Especially because "Carousel" is really all about relishing in those fleeting moments of love, joy and serenity in a romantic relationship. Latir sings "here's to loving you for a moment" over an equally dreamy production that blurs the lines between contemporary ticking beats and alt-R&B melodies. If you listen closely, you'll also catch violins, bass, chimes, voice samples, piano and an actual ticking clock. All of it works together to create a lucid dreaming atmosphere.

“For those feeling helplessly in love, for those who have felt this feeling, and for those who are yet to fall… I hope this song aids your eventual, transcendental moments, as though you are on a Carousel, to nowhere and everywhere all at the same time.”


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