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Listen to ‘Verschwende Deine Zeit’, the newest track from German-based newcomer, Edwin Rosen

‘Verschwende Deine Zeit’ is the newest track from German-based newcomer Edwin Rosen who has been steadily making his mark in the industry, dropping thrilling electronic music tracks inspired by the likes of Joy Division, Boy Harsher and Molchat Doma. Rosen’s previous single, ‘Leichter//kälter’ was a particular success of his, clocking in at over 3million streams, doubling his fanbase and catapulting Rosen’s career to heights yet unseen.

Back with some more heat, Rosen unveils his fifth overall single, ‘Verschwende Deine Zeit’, which translates to "Waste Your Time" in English. Entirely self-written and produced, ‘Verschwende Deine Zeit’ is another one of Rosen’s irresistible, 80’s synth-filled bops, enshrouded in dreamy psychedelic production and deep, distorted vocals. With a catchy, earworm chorus that is sure to have even non-German speakers humming along and a fun, nostalgic energy that just won’t quit, Edwin Rosen’s ‘Verschwende Deine Zeit is an impressive return for the young musician, and the second in a string of upcoming releases this year. Stay tuned!


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