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LIYA Releases The Emotional New Track 'Mother Medusa'

Singer-songwriter, LIYA, and producer, ABRAM, have come together to create a powerful, yet dark new effort that creates the feeling of empowerment.

The Bulgarian born artist is someone who lives and breathes music, whether it's performances for SoFar Sounds across the U.S or if it's spending time crafting her own sound, LIYA won't back down.

The new track 'Mother Medusa' is more of an anthem than anything else, a track that gives the women from all over the world a way to feel powerful even when they don't feel it themselves. The smooth, yet distinct vocals are what make LIYA stand out from the crowd, which is why she is an artist to keep an eye on.

Speaking on the track, LIYA says:

‘Writing this song was empowering and that’s how I want my listeners to feel as well. Without even remembering the details of the myth, most people would describe Medusa as a scary, ugly monster, but to me she is a figure of female power, a true badass. The entire project contrasts the serious with the playful, the dark with the colorful, the haunting production with the pop beat. And it was such a pleasure doing it alongside incredible artists, such as ABRAM who poured his heart into the production, Maria Landi, who I co-wrote the song with, Adam Peterson who did the photoshoot, Bethzaira Lopez - an unbelievable graphic illustrator who was able to bring my ideas for the visuals to life, as well as so many other incredible people who stand behind this project.’

Listen to the track below.


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