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Llargo searches for new ways into music and sounds with new single 'CLOUDS'

Llargo, led by Italian songwriter, guitarist and producer Christian De Cicco, is an open ensemble that explores a common ground through down tempo / ambient reminiscences, jazz vocals, electronic beats and folk guitars. Influenced by the work of Bon Iver, The Cinematic Orchestra and Massive Attack, he manages to create dreamy and captivating soundscapes through his music.

Christian says: “I’m always searching for new ways into music and sounds, always pushing outside of my musical comfort zone.”

Recorded between London and Milan, featuring Heidi Vogel (The Cinematic Orchestra) on vocals, 'CLOUDS' represents a new start for the Italian songwriter/producer who seems to be determined to explore new and different soundscapes.

“I wrote ‘Clouds’ with Heidi’s voice in my mind. I’m a huge fan of the tone of her voice and I thought she would have been perfect for this song as her voice would blend really well with all the other instruments. We then met and recorded her vocals in London. What a magic experience!”

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