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London based group Guerrilla Soul make an impact with new release "See The Sun"

Unafraid to experiment and excited by the challenge of form and genre, London based group Guerrilla Soul have burst onto the indie scene with impactful single "See The Sun".

Discussing their new release, the band says: “This was either the first or second song we ever wrote. We played it for small audiences and there was a great response so we knew we were onto something. Because it’s one of our earliest, this is one song which has received a lot of creative input from different people and takes from people like Mac Demarco to the Strokes. On the record we feel like we really captured that breadth of influence as well as it being a tune that just kind of sticks in your head, and it took a lot of time and thought so we're all really proud of this single.”

Featuring jazzy harmonies and blissfully oscillating guitars, the track soon evolved into a grittier, more rock enhanced second section. Such use of transition and surprise highlights the clear potential in this fresh, young group. Having played numerous music and club venues, including a residency at Leytonstone’s ‘Luna Lounge’- Guerrilla Soul look set to take the live scene by storm in 2021. Their enthusiasm and eclectic use of sound is impressive and it is lovely to hear such a refreshing take on the indie banger.

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