London-based newcomer ELENA is 'Dreaming'

"I just keep dreaming, dreaming, I'll be here dreaming, dreaming" is the optimistic message at the heart of ELENA's single "Dreaming" from the gorgeous Enough Love EP. You might not be familiar with this London-based singer and songwriter just yet, because she's only been putting out music since the last year, but we recommend sticking her musician your feel-good playlists. With a sublime, syncopated guitar line and vibrant electro-pop beats, "Dreaming" is a totally danceable tune that's about shaking off doubt and bad connections. It might be a short escape of three and a half minutes, but isn't that what dreams are for?

Sharing a little bit about the full EP on which "Dreaming" features, this young talent tells us that:“I never wanted this EP to be sad, I wanted to share my life and not only the pandemic to express different events and episodes which I have had live through putting myself in control. The song represents what I felt and wished I had said, if I had been strong enough at the time. Writing these words onto a page has been life therapy I never knew I needed.”