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London Calls for John O'Shea

With the likely resurgence of rock’n’roll in mainstream popular music looming in the distance, people like John O’Shea will be the positive frontrunners of the campaign, releasing unapologetically punchy content into the world, which makes you want to get up and give a little head-bang.

This track is a huge sing-along anthem featuring a classic slap back delay to ride on top of the guitar bass and drums and deliver that vintage rock sound. The singer-songwriter based in Ealing, the birthplace of rock’n’roll and longtime home of the very first iconic Marshall amplifier shop, finds himself writing songs entirely intuitively, as he has no formal training in reading or writing music, which is impressive given the quality of his music.

‘London Calling’ has been very well produced and sounds very tight and punchy indeed. You can clearly see that when this track was in production they had plans to aim for a certain sound aesthetic and absolutely achieved that.

This radio ready anthem combines a mix of influences from a wide spectrum of musical types from Queens of the stone age to Harry styles to John Lennon all influences seem to work in harmony to deliver John's final sound.

Overall this record is a solid hard hitter- perfect for airplay. You can tell John is very passionate about his work which makes it all the more pleasurable to listen to. We'll definitely be tuning into his next releases.


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