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London newcomer Celine Love stands her ground with the sultry pop RnB single "Like You Like That"

Originally from Hamburg, Germany, singer-songwriter Celine Love continues to draw attention across the world as she takes her listeners on a melodic journey of rich RnB with a wistful blend of indie-pop but overall telling the stories of a young woman battling out our society. With only emerging back in 2019, Love finds herself deep within her identity, evident in new release "Like You Like That". A story of reflection from a past relationship yet challenges the norms of human civilisation.

Continuing to be inspired by the likes of Ama Lou and H.E.R with the traction of TR33's production, Love perfectly finds the balance of being self-assured in who you are, but at the same opens the door to unguarded emotion through the works of soulful-pop and minimalistic, effective RnB, and "Like You Like That" is no different.

Speaking on the track, Love noted: "I am a chronic overthinker and wrote this song almost as a warning to not give up everything I had gained for anyone else. And ‘Like You Like That’ is about the fear of losing myself in the idea of a perfect romance. After a long-term relationship that ended during lockdown, I was starting to feel comfortable in my skin because I had the time to focus on myself."


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