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London’s Asha Gold returns with new lockdown love song, ‘Debut’

There’s a new voice making waves in the UK R&B and pop scene, rising star and first lady of BAD KEY records, Asha Gold from West London. The 19-year-old has been dropping consistent bangers ever since she stepped onto the music scene, with previous singles ‘Passenger’ and 2019’s ‘Too Good’.

Third time lucky and Gold is evidently still on her winning streak having just released ‘Debut’, her latest single from her upcoming EP. The song was co-written by Gold and producer Mitch Jones, the pair collaborated over a Zoom video call earlier in the year resulting in her latest single; a light and dance-y pop song layered with Gold’s distinct R&B inspired melodies.

“It’s about falling in love for the first time, so it has this sense of innocence and sweetness throughout -- navigating unfamiliar feelings, fighting those feelings off, and then eventually giving into them knowing they are genuine and not something to be scared of.” - Asha Gold

‘Debut’ comes in as Gold’s second single of the year and the perfect remedy for all your lockdown blues with its feel-good energy, lively instrumental & Gold’s sweet and honest songwriting to top it all off.

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