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Lonely Boy teases his upcoming three-part project LONELY PPL with versatile Vol. 1 EP

Emerging onto the Canadian music scene with his debut EP, February That Cried Red, back in 2020, the recent newcomer has vastly honed his craft and now sets himself for the future with the first release of his upcoming project.

From the old-school, classic sounds of 'October' to the dreamy serenade single 'Only One Night', LONELY BOY closes the chapter with the upbeat nostalgia of 'Sussex Drive' that all represent the identity of his arts. Though offering confident, lover-boy reminiscent sounds and a highly transparent brand, LONELY BOY deep within presents a man of emotions and romance through a goal of authentic songwriting alongside golden R&B.

With the first part of his three-part project out, Ottawa based artist embarks on an intimate journey that brings him closer to his fanbase and is summarised by LONELY BOY below.

"Everyone gets their heart broken sometimes, LONELY PPL is my personal journey filled with trials and tribulations and the authentic, vulnerable human experience that comes with heartbreak, healing and moving on. I'm very proud to share this personal gift from me to you, and I hope you love it just as much as I loved creating it."


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