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'Look At Me' is Tom Rasmussen's piano house-infused pop banger

As soon as I hit play on Tom Rasmussen's 'Look At Me', I was immediately swept up in the joyous energy of the track. With its upbeat piano house-infused pop sound and Tom's confident vocals, the song had me dancing in my chair from the very first notes. But as I continued to listen, I began to appreciate the deeper themes that run throughout it, particularly around the struggles of gender non-conforming people. 'Look At Me' is the perfect example of how Tom celebrates the diversity, beauty, and power of their community while also challenging societal preconceptions of those who exist outside the binary. With its infectious energy and empowering message, this track is a standout on an album that is sure to make waves in the music industry. The track is taken from Tom's debut Body Building LP, an album seamlessly blends personal experiences with universal feelings of love, complex identity, and finding true freedom.

"Body Building is the culmination of a decade thinking about what it means to be different to other people, but in a way so many people have felt too. It’s about grieving a part of you that has been taken by others, it’s about escaping violence, it’s about accepting — and attempting to thrive in — reality and not simply fantasy. It is the last time I want to talk about all the violence I’ve experienced in my life as a queer femme person. But never say never. It is dedicated to queer people and trans people everywhere."


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