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Lorelei Marcell X Hardcastle share alternative acoustic version for 'Flashbacks'

Hot off the heels of the original track released earlier this year 'Flashbacks' continues to deliver a relatable sentiment and suitable synergy between rising pop artist Lorelei Marcell and fellow artist and talented guitarist Hardcastle.

Stemming from real life events, 'Flashbacks' came to fruition after a night in Silverlake when Lorelei had bought tickets to see one of her favourite bands play in concert. She had been struggling to get over her ex at the time and was trying to incorporate more self care and independent activities into her daily routine. But as soon as she arrived at the venue, an overwhelming sense of loneliness came over her, which caused her to leave the show before the headliner went on.

In retrospect, she wonders why she had never experienced such a lonely feeling before. The desire to go home, call her ex and spiral was stronger than ever, so instead she called her friend Graham Laderman (pka Hardcastle) and got to work on what is perhaps one of her most relatable songs to date.

Now we are gifted with the gorgeous acoustic version of 'Flashbacks', which adds a depth of flavour and understanding, allowing fans to connect even more with the message and the emotion present.

Stream 'Flashbacks' now:

Lorelei Marcell: Website


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