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"Love Child" is slinky alternative rock number from glam-goth Freya Beer

It's my first time listening to Freya Beer and I'm seriously impressed by her commanding presence in slinky alternative rock number "Love Child". With the British artist's confident voice at the forefront of the track, the rest is a classy construction of rumbling rock guitars, theatrical violins, pounding drums (by Owain Hanford) and brooding bass (by Arnoldas Daunys). It's really got that full band feeling without drowning out the particular resonant tone of Freya Beer's voice. She drives straight into the story of toxic relationships, leaving nothing out of her icy-cold delivery.

"My new single ‘Love Child’ is an important release as it touches upon the subject of “gaslighting”. In comparison to my previous releases, this is not a love song. The lyrics speak from the experience of coming across individuals in life who undermine and try to claim your knowledge and creativity by opposing themselves as the victim in the situation they’ve caused. The subject of the song is something which I haven’t touched upon in my songwriting before but being able to share it on a wider platform and become a story which people can relate to is a way of telling my story.”


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