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Luchi Delivers an Emotionally Charged EP with "Me + Tears Ain't Strangers

Luchi is back with his latest offering, "Me + Tears Ain't Strangers," an EP that takes listeners on a journey through time and emotions. With each track, Luchi showcases his signature vulnerable pop sound, blending grand drums and melting pot of guitar melodies to create a powerful emotional experience.

Luchi's music takes inspiration from everywhere, including his childhood growing up in Glasgow with his Italian family. He has perfected his craft, writing songs since the age of 13, and has had ten singles hit the top 10 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter Charts. For Luchi, music is therapy, a form of expression and art to find solace in. He writes honestly and vulnerably about his own experiences, hoping to bring healing to his listeners through his music.

The EP opens with "He Said," a haunting ballad that recounts the tale of a toxic relationship gone sour. Luchi's voice is emotionally charged as he takes listeners on a journey from resistance to anger. The second track, "Losing My Mind," offers a sensitive and vulnerable look into Luchi's struggle with his mental health. Written during the second national lockdown in 2020, this song will resonate with those who have felt isolated and lost. The EP finishes with "Faith," a song that represents Luchi's journey to self-belief and confidence. This song starts in a reflective place but ends with a promise of self-discovery and transformation.

In conclusion, Luchi's "Me + Tears Ain't Strangers" EP is a must-listen for fans of emotionally charged pop music. The EP is a raw and powerful expression of Luchi's experiences, and the journey it takes listeners on is both haunting and uplifting.


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