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Luis Ake steals the show with synth pop album LIEBE

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Back with another enticing, genre-bending project, Germany’s Luis Ake unveils his long-awaited second album, LIEBE featuring the lead single, Kein Weg Zu Weit’.

10 tracks long, LIEBE takes a deep dive into the meaning of love, life and the very definition of German Pop, all via a carefully selected curation of self-written singles. Included in the lineup are previously released fan favourites Umweg, Krafter and the most recent, Blumen, as well as a number of unheard bonus tracks.

Effortless in his originality and seasoned in his approach and performance, LIEBE is Luis Ake is at his very best, flawlessly demonstrating several years of artistic growth, development and musical prowess, all whilst remaining true to himself and his pioneering vision for German-language pop.

Equally as comfortable enshrouded in Eurodance sonics as he is dancing to Italo Disco, Neue Deutsche Welle and of course, Synth-Pop, Luis Ake is a true chameleon of an artist, adapting to his surroundings and making them his own.


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