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Mackenzie Day shares tender single ‘Fake It’

‘Fake It’ is a seamless blend of tinkly piano and soft melodies, coated with Mackenzie’s beautifully controlled vocals that make for a truly stand-out single. The contrast of vulnerability and empowerment make the track exceptionally pure and honest, with Mackenzie’s lyricism being equally relatable.

Discussing her latest release, Mackenzie said: “Fake It is about the reality of the awful aftermath of a very uncomfortable breakup. I had to keep working with this person that mentally scared my psyche. You tell yourself to suck it up and pretend everything is ok, but there comes a point where you can't anymore. The entire song is about that breaking point, and that realization that you can't keep pretending that everything is ok.”

Currently a songwriting major at Berklee College of Music, Boston, Mackenzie’s craft is soulfully emotive and striking. Taking inspiration from a range of artists including Amy Whinehouse, Ashe and Maggie Rogers, her adventurous and well honed sound is stunningly original.

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