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Maddi Jane Releases Sparkling Pop Ballad 'Butterfly Effect'

The beautiful Maddi Jane is back with ‘Butterfly Effect’, an emotive pop ballad that is sure to capture you from its first moment.

Based in LA, the youngster first rocketed to fame as one the first viral child singing stars and YouTube pioneers. Now, 10 years on, Maddi is delighting us with her matured pop talent and refined sound.

Having just released her track ‘Facetiming Mom’ Maddi is on a roll with her newfound sound. Her latest track is soulful and uplifting featuring gentle pianos, sparkling synths and Maddi's signature silky vocals.

Maddi explains the meaning behind the track, “I usually write songs to process something about my current situation or to communicate how I feel, but this song is different. It’s an experience and a declaration. It’s the effect of artists helping each other, wanting nothing in return other than to make something we believe in. This song is a product of other people pouring into me”.

The track’s stunning soundscapes are paired with a beautiful cinematographic music video:


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