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MADNIK continues his ascent on the stellar new single 'B.O.N.G'

Having already made strong waves these last few months with a run of incredibly passionate initial delights, emerging Swiss artist MADNIK is back on the grind once again to offer up his beautifully alluring new cut 'B.O.N.G'.

Much like what his recent gems have shown, 'B.O.N.G' is another brilliantly inventive and textured dive into his alluring aesthetic from beginning to end. With his beautifully emotive voice shimmering against some dynamic production at every turn, this one will certainly sweep you off your feet and never let you go.

Adding about the new single, he said, “Don‘t be afraid of being free. Be who you are, do what you like and believe that everything is going to turn out fine. Because it will!”

While adding about its creation, “This track was created after a vacation of mine…. From the apartment we rented you could jump off the balcony and land right in a swimming pool. One evening (it was dark and I was a little stoned) I fell backwards off the balcony and landed in the pool… I tried to create a song that resembles the feeling I had while falling. The excitement/ fear of not knowing when you‘re gonna land mixed with a feeling of complete freedom.”

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