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Majestic Casuals glue70 releases dualistic single 'Dark Days' and 'Time Goes Slow'.

Mancunian glue70 has dropped a double track, combination single - 'Dark Days' and previously released 'Time Goes Slow'. The highly illusive producer returns and in the most unusual and inventive of ways.

Over the years, glue70 has received vast word-of-mouth popularity, which has achieved widespread underground recognition. Having discovered how to make music using a video-editing software, glue70 certainly stands out from the classic cookie cutter pathway into the music world.

Openly discussing the inspiration behind 'Dark Days' glue70 intimately shares that:

“This track explores the feeling of isolation and sadness which sometimes passes over us, even when we might be around people like our friends and family, and that this feeling is okay as we all have dark days sometimes."

Preparing for an almighty 12 track album release later this year - '2070', the multi talented producer is certainly one to keep your eyes glued too.

Stream glue70's dual single here.

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