"Mama" is the heartfelt message from soulful singer-songwriter Chibundu Onuzo

"I wrote Mama during the lockdown. I was reflecting on the state of the world and the direction humanity is heading in. I want a better world. I hope we can course-correct."

This is the statement from dual talent Chibundu Onuzo whose novel and song writing abilities go hand-in-hand. Shortly after releasing her single "Good Soil" (which came with new book Sankofa), she's shared equally provocative "Mama". It's a song full of deep longing, regret and desperation, all pivoted on the symbol of mother earth and our current climate crisis. Throughout this ballad, Onuzo meditates on the state of the world over richly reverberated piano and pining violins, her soulful voice near-breaking with the weight of emotion at certain points. This is an example of an artist using her great talents to deliver one of the most important messages of our times.